iPhone 12/12 Pro NFC Smart Case Revan (2304)

iPhone 12/12 Pro NFC Smart Case Revan (2304)

Brand : RFgate
Price : $45.00  + VAT

It is a specially designed technological case. It has a non-slip structure with a modern appearance.  It is produced in impact resistant hard structure. It is made of African mazel natural wood and resin epoxy. It is resistant to falls because it has suitable thickness. It protects the mobile phone against bumps and scratches. It can be easily attached and removed. There is no material harmful to health. Provides maximum protection against impacts.

iPhone 12/12 Pro NFC Smartphone Case Revan (2304) Features




  • It does not slip from the hand and has a hard structure resistant to impacts.
  • The one inside NFC Tag thanks to   digital business card     can be used as
  • NFC Tag (13.56 mhz)
  • Afrika mazel is made of natural wood and resin epoxy.
  • UHF RFID Tag (860- 868 mhz)
  • Personal information, portfolio, address and social media information can be entered.
  • There are areas of use such as site, car park, office and workplace. Thanks to the phone case, home business car park keys are in one place.
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