In 2008, the first step was taken by obtaining a trademark registration certificate. In 2009, rfidmarket.com.tr, which set out with the principle of "direct product supply for RFID systems", has managed to become one of the largest RFID, NFC, IOT products supplying companies in Turkey in the past 13 years. It is the first online platform in the RFID sector. In the following periods, it aims to carry the online platform to the international arena and has started to take the necessary steps for this. 


Having received the trademark registration certificate, rfidmarket.com.tr is the locomotive of this sector. Since 2009, for a long time as Turkey's only RFID online sales platform rfidmarket.com.tr has been instrumental in the entry of most companies into this sector today. Established with strong foundations, rfidmarket has developed continuously for 13 years with its experience and knowledge.

Customer Service and Support

It aims to fulfil the principle of providing economic, fast and reliable service and serves in this direction. It aims to carry the service it offers to a higher level day by day. It serves as a large team that strives to eliminate problems from A to Z rather than just taking part in product supply.

Our Quality Policy

rfidmarket.com.tr, which maintains 7/24 support operation with its 23-person team and manages its own infrastructure investments with its continuous R&D policy, is the first and only E-Commerce platform that deals closely with its customers in many areas, including technical support.
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