Evolis Zenius Tek Yüz Kart Yazıcı
Evolis Zenius Tek Yüz Kart Yazıcı

Evolis Zenius Single Face Card Printer (EV-101)

Brand : EVOLİS
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RFID printers are a printer specifically designed to write data to RFID chips embedded in tags. The printer contains a radio frequency encoder that transmits and encodes data to the chip. The printer then checks the data to ensure it is encoded correctly. RFID printers also print on an RFID tag by adding a barcode, graphic, or other desired information to the tag itself. Evolis Zenius single-sided card printer The Evolis Zenius Simplex (Single-Sided) Full Color Card Printer makes it easy for you to print credit card size (CR80) full color PVC cards every step of the way! Discover the many advanced features found in Zenius' contemporary, compact design.

Data Sheet - Evolis Zenius Single-Sided Card Printer


50 pieces of paper are used (the card is better) and 20 pieces of paper are available and the price is very good; It's hard to find anything that can be easily done in the first place.
Zenius'un, the whole world is in the same place as the old one, but the manuel is always there; Once the basılmış stoklara veya ticari fuarlara rozet takmak için idealdir.
Your Zenius can control you and your family will be happy and happy.


Evolis Zenius is equipped with the latest ID card printing technology. Designed to work out of the box, the Zenius “Classic” is custom configured and comes with multiple options. See the list of available Evolis Zenius configurations below.
Zenius Expert Edition provides flexibility and scalability as your needs change; Because the Zenius Expert range of ID printers can be field upgraded on site with multiple encoders for magnetic stripe or smart card encryption. “Future Ready” Zenius Expert's flexible features ensure you're always in line with your current and future plastic card printing requirements.

  • With Evolis Zenius, you have direct access to all the ports on the back of the printer. The Zenius Classic USB version has USB connectivity and power.
    Evolis Zenius Expert has the ability to combine magnetic and smart card encoders in the same printer configured at the factory or ordered as an add-on unit at a later date.
    With its low noise level (46 dB), incredibly small size (7.67"H x 8.07"W x 12.20"D) and weight (7.3 lbs), the Evolis Zenius ID card printer is ideal for a front desk or reception. It can adapt to almost any user environment, whether it is a desk or office. Sales table or office reception area. With an extremely low weight of 7.3 lbs, the Evolis Zenius is the lightest printer in its class.


    Single-side printing unit, edge-to-edge printing
    Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer
    300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) print head
    RAM 16 MB
    Driver management software
    Included with Evolis Premium Suite® for Windows:
    Printer driver
    Evolis Print Center for printer management and setup
    Evolis Printer Manager for two-way notifications (requires .net 4.0 client profile)
    Supports Windows XP SP2 or later; Vista 32/64, W7 32/64  (For versions prior to Windows XP-SP2, please contact Evolis Services)
    Comes with eMedia CS Card Designer (30-day free trial download from Mediasoft website). ABO recommends using Card Five or BioCert ID2Go software with this product.
    Other operating systems: Mac and Linux: upon request



Feature Description
Interfaces USB 1.1 (compatible 2.0)
Ethernet available as an option
Ribbon Capacity YMCKO:100 cards/roll
KO: 300 cards/roll
Single color ribbon: Up to 1,000 cards per roll (under certain conditions)
Hologram strip: 400 cards/roll
Power Power supply: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1.8 A
Printer: 24 V DC, 3 A
Color Printing Color: 120 to 150 cards per hourMonochrome: 400 to 500 cards per hour
Monochrome Printing 600-850 Cards per hour Single-sided (K)
Dimensions (H - L - W) 195 mm (7,68") x 205 mm (8,07") x 310 mm (12,2")
Weight 3,3 kg (7,3 lb)
Operating Temperature 15° min / 30°C max
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