What is RFID Tag?

What is RFID Tag?

Before RFID Tags, it is useful to know exactly what RFID means. What is RFID? You can get detailed information from the link. You can also get information with video from the link What is RFID?


It is one of the most important materials of RFID. It is formed by the combination of chip and antenna. They are identification devices that provide wireless communication. According to the intended use, there are paper, plastic (hard), washable, sewable, printable, concealable types. They have sizes suitable for projects. In addition, special labels can be produced for special situations. At the basic level, RFID tags are divided into three.

  • Semi-Passive Labels
  • Active Tags
  • Passive labels

Semi-Passive Labels

There is a small power supply on it. Reading areas are much higher than passive tags. They exhibit a safer performance by reacting faster to the reader. They are more costly than passive RFID tags.

Active Tags

They have larger power supplies than semi-passive tags. They have a wider reading area thanks to their large power supplies. They also have higher performance than other RFID tags. Thanks to the battery inside, they can work independently from the reader and antenna. These tags are placed in valuables and products to prevent theft of products. Besides these, they are the tags with the highest cost. With Active RFID Tags, you can track products longer and more securely

Pasif RFID Etiketler 

  • Passive RFID tags do not have internal power supplies. Passive tags are powered by the reader. These tags are quick and easy to attach. Their biggest feature is their low cost. Passive labels; washable, sewable, removable, hard and produced in various sizes. Passive rfid tags are produced in three different frequencies.

    • UHF RFID Tags 860–960 mHz
    • HF RFID Tags(NFC) 13.56 mHz
    • LF RFID Tags (Proximity) 125 kHz 

UHF RFID Tags860–960 mHz

UHF RFID tags are designed to suit every project. It is the most preferred rfid tag type with its low cost and high performance. With the appropriate label and the appropriate reader, reading can be provided between 1 - 30 metres. It is frequently used in personnel tracking systems, warehouse-delivery stages, stock tracking, events such as fairs, concerts and tourism.

HF RFID Tags (NFC) 13.56 mHz

HF RFID tags are read from much closer distances. The biggest feature is that it can be used without the need for a reader. Coding and reading of nfc tags can be done with any smart mobile phone or tablet with NFC module.  What is NFC? and How NFC Works? You can find detailed information from our articles. It has accessories such as key rings, cards and rings. Digital business cards can be made with HF cards.

LF RFID Tags (Proximity) 125 kHz

LF RFID Tags are frequently used in personnel tracking and animal tracking projects. It provides reading from very close distances. Reading cannot be done with smart devices. Thanks to its accessories such as keychain and card, it is one of the most preferred rfid tags in areas such as personnel tracking and site management.

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August 26, 2022
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