RFID Car Parking System

car parking system

RFID Car Parking Access system (HGS-OGS)

This system, known as HGS in highways, has entered our lives thanks to the RFID car parking system. Basically; It consists of 3 basic equipment: reader, label and antenna. It consists of transferring the information of the vehicle and driver information thanks to the UHF RFID tags placed on the vehicle windows or number plates. Rfid tags; It is in the status that stores information. Communication between the tag and the reader takes place via antennas. With integrated rfid readers, the cost can be reduced a little more.


*Antennas are allowed to communicate in the range of 868.6-868.7 MHz in European Union standards and EU compatible frequency regulation has been made in our country with the KET regulation.




Number Plate Recognition System

Basically, it emerges with the integration of the camera and the developed software into the barrier. The type of camera is important, but the most important factor is the software developed here. The moving images taken from the camera are matched with the software and the authorised plate sends a command to open the barrier. It has a much lower cost than the RFID system, but when environmental factors are considered, it takes a very disadvantageous position. In adverse weather conditions, in dark hours, the system may not work properly due to shadow falling on the plate or stains on the plate. Therefore, RFID systems are much more preferred.



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March 18, 2022
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