TM06-4 UHF Fixed RFID Development Kit

TM06-4 UHF Fixed RFID Development Kit

Brand : RFgate
Price : $1,389.00  + VAT

Fixed readers are installed in one place and remain fixed. They are mounted on locations such as walls, tables, portals and panels. They are divided into single port, two port, four port, six port and eight port types. A wide reading area can be obtained by mounting UHF antennas on these ports. RFgate RGR180 UHF RFID Reader is the best in its segment with its small size and high performance. There is an antenna port for connecting an external rfid antenna, so it has a powerful structure. You can easily do your challenging projects with this product. 

RFGate TM06-4 UHF Fixed RFID Development Kit




RFgate has reached the highest levels of read and write performance with EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C protocol. 
It operates in the 865-868MHz range.
RFgate TM06-4 can provide readings up to 10 meters with the appropriate tag and antenna.
With its affordable cost, you can realize the demos of your projects with this reader.
It operates between -20°C to +70°C.
It has a low power operating principle for both reading and encoding.

Package Contents

TM06 UHF RFID Reader - Dual Core Processor with 4 Antenna Ports
ANT-166 9 dBi UHF Circular - Black Outdoor Antenna - 250x237x60 mm - NTF Connector 2 Pcs
K05 Flexible RFID Antenna Cable 4 mt. NTF-SMA Connector 2 Pcs
RFID Tag R&D Package - 01 (T50R6,T91R6,H47,9728,9627 dry 10 pcs each)

Areas of Use

RFgate TM06 UHF RFID Fixed Development Kit is used in textile, retail, apparel, inventory tracking, personnel tracking, warehouse, logistics, tracking challenging materials and objects.
Complete your projects quickly and reliably with Rfgate, the first class UHF RFID readers.

RFID Readers (mobile, fixed) are manufactured to be used in automations as hardware containing active electronic circuitry. They are not suitable for direct use by end users who do not have detailed technical knowledge and equipment. For this reason, as RFIDmarket, we do not find it appropriate for people who do not have electrical / electronic system automation knowledge to purchase our products without direct expert support. Our products are special devices that require energizing and grounding control that require detailed technical knowledge and equipment. Therefore, since devices exposed to incorrect voltage by people who do not have sufficient technical knowledge may be damaged, problems caused by such incorrect connections will be out of warranty. As RFIDmarket, we recommend that you, our valued customers, take into account the above-mentioned issues when purchasing our products and take into account the products before ordering. 
We kindly ask you to contact us for detailed information and it will be assumed that you will be deemed to have accepted all these points with the order you have placed.

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