RX3 Integrated RFID Reader Module / USB
RX3 Integrated RFID Reader Module / USB

TM09 V2 Integrated RFID Reader Module / USB (1309)

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Fixed readers are installed in one place and remain fixed. They are mounted on locations such as walls, tables, portals and panels. They are divided into single port, two port, four port, six port and eight port types. A wide reading area can be obtained by mounting UHF antennas on these ports. RFgate RGR180 UHF RFID Reader is the best in its segment with its small size and high performance. There is an antenna port for connecting an external rfid antenna, so it has a powerful structure. You can easily do your challenging projects with this product. 

TM06 V2 Integrated UHF RFID Development Kit - USB Port



It has reached the highest levels of read and write performance with EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C protocol. 
It operates in the 865-868MHz range.
RFgate TM09 V2 can provide readings from 3 meters with the appropriate tag and antenna.
With its affordable cost, you can realize the demos of your projects with this reader.
It operates between -20°C to +70°C.
It has a low power operating principle for both reading and encoding.
Usage Areas
TM09 V2 Integrated Development Kit - USB Port is used in textile, retail, apparel, inventory tracking, personnel tracking, warehouse, logistics, tracking challenging materials and objects.

Complete your projects quickly and reliably with world-class UHF RFID readers.

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