RFGATE RGR13IP Integrated RFID Reader

RFGATE RGR13IP Integrated RFID Reader (RF13)

Brand : RFgate
Price : $380.00  + VAT

RFGATE RGR13IP Integrated RFID Reader




Electrical Data
Frequency Weight ( MHZ ) 860-868 MHZ
Polarization Type RHCP
Gain (Dpi ) 5
Horizontal 3db Beam Width (°) 80°
Vertical 3db Beam Width 70°
VSWR 1.3
Input Impedance (Ω) 50
Maximum Power Per Input (w) 20
Lightning Protection DC Ground

Interface Definition List
Interface Description
+12V 12V Power Supply
GND +12V External Power With Self-contained Ground
RS-232 TXD RS-232 Data Output (Optional)
RS-232 RXD RS-232 Data Input (Optional)
GND RS-232 Interface Floor Stand (Optional)
GIP03 GPI03 or Wiegand Data 0 ( Optional )
GIP04 GIP04 Or wiegand Data 0 (Optional)
GND Wiegand Data Common Ground with 0 (Optional)
Phychip PR9200 Inside    
PR9200 Provides Phenomenal Performance at Low Cost
Excellent Performance Reading the Label     
Defining Labels Precisely and Consistently
5dbi Circular Polarization Planar Antenna >3M (T100 Tag )
Multiple Tag Identification Performance >50pcs
Reading Speed >50pcs/s.
Completely Solve The Problem Of Heat    
You don't need any cooling equipment
 No heat during long-term continuous full load working at room temperature.
Continuous Current <200mA @26 DBm Output (3.5V Power Supply)
Peak Pulse Current <260mA @ 26 DBm Output (3.5V Power Supply)
Excellent Stability    
24 Hours x 365 Days Continuous Crash-Free Operation
Less Impact by Shell Electromagnetic Environment Etc.
Wide Temperature Design. Very low temperature coefficient
Excellent Consistency    
A Model of Design Consistency
Every Indicator is Meticulously Calibrated to Ensure Consistency
Simple and Efficient Interface     
Communication interface Compatible with our INDY R2000 Series
Peripheral Circuits are Very Simple. No Need to Connect Single Power.
Capacitor Externally (See Figure 1: Circuit Design Reference
Bi-Institutional Support Methods    
Supports RF Connector +FPC Connector Installation Method
Supports Surface Mount Soldering
Input Voltage 12DC
Standby Mode Current <80mA (TR High Level)
Sleep Current <100uA (TR Low Level)
Operating Current 180mA @ 3.5V (26 DBm Output 25°C)
Start Time <80mS
Operating Temperature -20°C + 70°C
Storage Temperature -20 °C + 85 °C
Operating Humidity <95% ( +25°C )
Air Interface Protocol EPC Uhf Class 1 Generation 2 / ISO 18000-6-C
Spectrum Range UHF 866-868 MHz (EU)
Supported Regions US Canada AND Other Regions Following the US FCC 
Europe and Other Regions Following ETSI EN 302 208 
Ankara China Japan Korea Malaysian Thailand
Output Power 0-26 DBm
Output Power Sensitivity +/-1db
Output Power Flatness +/-0.2db
RF Connector i-PEX
Sensitivity Al <-70dBm
Highest Inventory Speed > 50 pcs/s
Tag Buffer Size 200 pcs @ 96 Bit EPC
Tag RSSI Supported
Mainframe Communication TTL Uart Port
Wiegand 26
wiegand 34
GPIO 2 Output 3.3V TTL Level (1 Input Option)
Baud Rate 115200 bps (Default and Recommended) 38400 bps
Cooling Air Cooling (No external cooler needed)

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