RFGate NF67 NFC Blue Keychain
RFGate NF67 NFC Blue Keychain
RFGate NF67 NFC Blue Keychain

RFGate NF67 NFC Blue Keychain

Brand : RFgate
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NFC devices are an ideal solution for applications including but not limited to access control, consumer electronics, transport, payments, healthcare, information collection, information exchange, coupons and ticketing. Like NFC, HF operates on the same 13.56 MHz frequency. However, despite this similarity; HF does not provide a secure exchange of information like NFC. HF can be used for a variety of applications such as product authentication, supply chain management, asset management and ticketing/stored value. HF typically has an average read range of 20-70 centimetres.

RFGate NF67 NFC Blue Keychain



  • It is powered by the NXP Mifare Classic 1K chip with RFGate's volume-oriented structure.
  • It has reached the highest levels of read and write performance with ISO14443-3A. 
  • It operates in the 13.56 mHz range.
  • RFGate NF67 NFC Keychain can be read from 3-5 centimetres.
  • The tag size is designed in 28 mm x 35 mm dimensions.
  • It operates between -40°C and +70°C.
  • It has a low power operating principle for both reading and coding.

Areas of Use

RFGate NF67 NFC Blue Keychain is used in offices, hotels, entertainment venues, sports halls, hospitals and residences.  
Complete your projects quickly and reliably with RFGate, the first class NFC RFID Tags.

Dear customers, the RFID tags you have examined are not coded. Coding etc. technical operations belong to you. Please pay attention to this when ordering. You can contact for detailed information.
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