iPhone 13 NFC Akıllı Kılıf Nilay (1402)
iPhone 13 NFC Akıllı Kılıf Nilay (1402)
iPhone 13 NFC Akıllı Kılıf Nilay (1402)

iPhone 13 NFC Smart Case Nilay (1402)

Brand : RFgate
Price : $50.00  + VAT

iPhone 13 NFC Smart Case Nilay (1402)


These specially designed products contain NFC tags. Thanks to NFC Tags, you can use this case as a digital business card. In addition to its unique and modern appearance, it protects your mobile phone from impacts and scratches. It has a height that protects the camera from scratches.

It is handmade.
It has a non-slip structure.
It is designed to be tough and impact resistant.
It contains an NFC tag.
African mazel is made of natural wood and resin epoxy.
It has the height to protect your camera lens.
It can be easily attached and removed. It will not scratch your phone during this process.
It does not cause sweating and does not get dirty easily.
It is produced from silicone material that is not harmful to health.
It has a unique design.
This unique container has a very light weight.
Thanks to the NFC tag, phone cases can be used as digital business cards.
Digital business card is a card technology where you can collect all your personal information in one area. Thus, it is a business card that can show people who they are, where they are and their active accounts. Thanks to its ability to be designed as desired, personalized digital business cards can be designed.

These unique containers can be used as digital business cards thanks to the NFC tag they contain.
You can add your name, surname, profile picture, e-mail address, mobile phone and website.
Thanks to these business cards, you can share your location information.
You can add your logo and social media accounts to these business cards.
These digital business cards cost less than old business cards.
It can be easily transported.
It is environmentally friendly.
Thanks to digital business cards, you can transfer your contact information contactlessly.
Usage areas
These unique covers can be used in areas such as sites, parking lots, workplaces and offices.
Thanks to these cases, you do not need to carry keys with you. You can open your home, workplace and car with this cover.
You can enter and exit as you wish with this cover.

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