What is RFID Handheld Terminal?

What is RFID Handheld Terminal?


RFID hand terminals are divided into three as LF, HF, UHF. They can also be Android and IOS compatible. Handheld terminals can read different labels and transfer the read data. Handheld terminals with different RAM, memory, reading distance, reading time features according to the place of use minimise personnel errors. You can leave the stress during counting times behind.



What are the Benefits of RFID Hand Terminals?

An RFID handheld terminal can increase the productivity of a business, as less tracking is required and both goods and information are processed more efficiently. One of the biggest advantages of RFID handheld terminals is to save time and perform accurate counting quickly. RFID handheld terminals also offer wireless business solutions. RFID handheld terminals, which provide extremely fast and highly efficient performance while processing, can quickly bring you to the result in huge areas. RFID handheld terminals, which are used in all warehouse and automation systems today, can transfer the data they collect to the main system and store all the data processed. Some handheld terminals can take photos like smartphones, access the internet, etc. You can find many examples. Among the advantageous aspects of RFID hand terminals, you can determine the number of stocks and record the stocks to be made.





What are the Usage Areas of RFID Hand Terminals?

RFID handheld terminals can be widely used in different fields such as library, textile, manufacturing, transport, jewellery, field sales, inventory, clothing warehouses, logistics, service and health sector. It is sufficient to have RFID tags to use RFID handheld terminals. RFID tags are divided into categories within themselves. RFID tags with different categories can be matched with RFID handheld terminals. I would like to tell you about some of the features of RFID handheld terminals.



What are RFID Handheld Terminal Examples?

I will tell you about the best performing handheld terminals with numerous examples. The main RFID Handheld Terminals that are specially designed with RFGate difference are as follows;



RFGate Mil900 UHF Mobile RFID Reader

Mil 900 is an enterprise level reader designed for projects that require intensive reading performance as the fastest reader in its class. Mil900 will meet your needs in your projects with its aesthetic and ergonomic case design, industrial design and high performance reading capabilities. Warehouses, jewellery shops, stores, pharmaceutical factories, libraries, etc. It can read all RFID tagged products if they are defined in the system. Operating system 6.0 Android, Operating Frequency is between 840-960 MHZ. It can be operated with gloves, LCD 5.0 inch 1280x720 and has 180° viewing angle.



RFGate Mil900 UHF Mobil Okuyucu

RFGate RD 26 UHF Mobile RFID Reader

The RD26 is the best and high performance reader in its segment, designed for projects that require intensive and fast reading. RD 26 will meet your needs in your projects with its easily portable and lightweight case design and industrial design.




RFGate RD26 UHF Mobil Okuyucu


RFGate RGM88 UHF Mobile RFID Reader

RGM88 has a unique design and reads in areas with RFID tags such as clothing, jewellery, warehouse etc. It makes your work easier with its reading speed and data transfer speed. Our reader, which provides 1380 tag reading, has achieved successful results in the tests. Our reader with Bluetooth and android processor is waiting for you with its stylish design and powerful reading speed.




RFGate RGM88 Mobile Okuyucu
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August 26, 2022
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