What is Near Field Communication (NFC)?

What is Near Field Communication (NFC)?


Allows your phone to communicate without contact with another device in the vicinity. The phone must be brought closer to the device by a maximum of 4 centimetres. The process that needs to be done with a wireless connection takes place in a contactless way. It communicates by both devices sending simple commands to each other. Internet support is not required for NFC connection. There is no extra charge. Money can be transferred using the NFC feature for internet banking or transport cards. In addition, contactless payment can be made with supported account or credit cards. Most of the new generation phones with Android and IOS operating systems have NFC feature. You can see this in detail in the settings tab. 
The NFC tag is connected with 13.56 MHz banded near-field wireless communication technology. Although the communication distance is only about 10 cm, like contactless IC card technology, "you only need to touch the NFC tag" data can be exchanged between different electronic products. Yet unlike contactless IC cards, the NFC tag allows two-way communication. As long as there is an NFC-enabled product and IC card, data can be read and written. Rfidmarket, the leading company in Turkey that produces NFC tags, sells tags on its website.




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When was NFC Technology First Used?

Sony, PHILIPS and Nokia are the first companies to use NFC technology. Nokia 6131 was the first phone with NFC and was released in 2006. The first Android phone with NFC is the Nexus S, which was released in 2010. NFC can be used in all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and even cars. The development and standardisation of this technology is managed by the NFC Forum, a non-profit association. This forum has more than 200 members, including Intel, Microsoft, Google, and includes many of the leading figures in the world of technology.


How does NFC work?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and was developed on the basis of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology; It allows phones, tablets, laptops and other devices to easily share data with other NFC-equipped devices. NFC is very similar to RFID, but NFC is limited to about 4 inches of communication, so if you use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, you need to hold the phone very close to the contactless reader. Most people consider NFC to be a significant security advantage due to its low transmission range. This is one of the reasons why NFC technology has become a secure alternative to credit cards.

Two NFC compatible devices are required for NFC data transmission. Unlike Bluetooth, no manual pairing is required to transfer NFC data. Thanks to the distinctive feature of NFC, no pairing of devices or data transfer authorisation is required. To receive information or make payments with NFC technology, simply touch the transmitting device with an NFC-compatible smartphone. With NFC, it has become possible to make contactless transactions using a phone. Especially during the pandemic process, we see that contactless payments have become more secure and widespread with NFC.

What are the NFC Problems?

Not all Android and IOS devices have NFC. There may be people who are deprived of NFC, but they can still use NFC. With NFC readers, they can develop and use applications such as payment points, digital business cards. As RFIDMarket, we provide uninterrupted service on NFC.


In which transactions can NFC be used?

At a basic level, it can be used to send or receive phone numbers, send or receive documents, send or receive location information, open applications on someone else's phone, manage a smart home system, make payments, connect with nfc/hf tags.



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What is an NFC Digital Business Card?

The NFC-enabled digital business card is very easy to use. It is a system where information such as social media accounts, phone number, address, e-mail accounts, website and iban numbers can be added and removed. In addition, information such as portfolio and reference can be added. In this way, job interviews and business dinners will be carried out much more comfortably. In this way, your customers, friends or another person can easily access your information.


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Is NFC Technology Safe?

NFC/HF communication is carried out by radio waves. Since this communication is provided at a very close distance, a major security gap does not occur. In order for personal data to be stolen, this process must be performed at a distance of 1-3 cm. As long as your phone remains locked, there is no possibility of your personal data being stolen.

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November 03, 2022
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