RFID Trends of the Year

RFID Trends of the Year

This Year's Top 5 RFID Trends

The impact of RFID technology continues in the world. At the same time, it can be said that RFID applications emerging in different fields have created a technological revolution beyond this effect. Companies have ensured the adoption of this system with their investments in RFID technology, and analysts have stated that exponential growth is predicted for RFID in the future. The benefits such as convenience, security and speed provided by this system make it more attractive.

For this reason, let's take a look at the new trends of RFID technology, whose use is increasing.

  1. Personnel Identity Information

RFID tags provide convenience in personnel tracking with its time-saving automatic system. The instant location information of the people labelled with RFID personnel identification information can be obtained and the data of which department and when they entered can also be accessed. However, there is no need for departments that are only accessible to the authorised person.

  1. The Rise of UHF Labels

UHF tags, which stands for Ultra High Frequency, are predicted to be one of the fastest growing areas in the RFID system. This is due to the functionality of UHF tags with the longest read range and high speed under the right conditions.

  1. Vaccine Safety

Vaccine temperatures can be accurately monitored and corrections can be made to maintain the required temperature. Many healthcare professionals working in manufacturers, clinics and hospitals use the RFID system to protect against expired or counterfeit doses of virus vaccines. This technology prevents doses from being tracked and wasted. It has proven to be very useful in situations that concern the whole world, such as epidemics, as it allows it to be applied in a short time.

  1. Logistics and Supply

With RFID technology, it is ensured that companies follow the supply flow and the process is effortless with information and automation. The most important effects can be listed as reducing the long supply chain flow to a very short time, increasing efficiency, minimising human error and making reliable decisions with data.

  1. Smart Shelf and Shop Exit

RFID tags can provide coded information in the form of storage and transmission of valuable products. With the RFID system, the store manager can easily find the location of the product in the supply chain, whether in the truck or in the store. In this way, it helps to plan and organise the employee's reception according to the arrival time of the truck, to improve the delivery time problem for online ordering and to make the necessary stock. Rfid technology provides efficiency, speed and reliability in in-store operations.

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July 09, 2022
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