RFID Technology use at the Airport

RFID Technology use at the Airport

RFID technology, which has been very popular in recent years, has now started to be used in companies at the airport. Companies at the airport use RFID technology in baggage control. With RFID baggage cards used at airports, problems that may arise with baggage have almost disappeared. The combination of RFID technology and the card enables the tracking of luggage

For each baggage. This technology, which uniquely identifies each baggage, provides great comfort for both baggage owners and staff. It is recommended to use RFID technology, which is much more effective than barcode technology.



How does the system work?

The UHF RFID reader is placed at the baggage checkpoints of airports. It can also be read with an RFID handheld terminal. RFID tags are placed on the bags. The bags are read as they pass through the checkpoints. The data obtained in the reading areas are transmitted to the system. Thus, the information of the luggage is transmitted to the passenger.

RFID technology is used in many different sectors. RFID technology, which brings a breath of fresh air to the airline industry, provides advantages to staff and passengers in terms of time. In addition to baggage control, RFID technology can be used to check whether the life jackets under the seats are under the seat. At the same time, security measures are taken against the theft of life jackets.

RFID technology is a technology consisting of a label and a reader with easy and practical use. The desired information about the labelled products can be accessed without human error. Some RFID usage areas in airline operation areas are as follows; It is used in security processes, passenger ticketing, catering, baggage handling and baggage tags, ground service equipment.

RFID technology used in airports has many benefits. Thanks to this technology, airport business is progressing faster. Passengers can get the service they need thanks to RFID technology. RFID technology minimises errors. Today, considering the minimisation of contact due to the COVID-19 virus, it has been explained that the contact between personnel and passengers is considerably reduced thanks to RFID technology.

The biggest fear of a passenger travelling by plane is the loss of his luggage. With RFID technology, we can say that passengers have overcome this fear. In the USA, RFID technology has been used in all flights since the end of 2017. It is an indication that RFID technology is spreading more and more. The elimination of the problem of luggage loss provides psychological comfort for people travelling by plane thanks to the minimisation of the possibility of mixing luggage. Thus, it is explained that the satisfaction of the passengers increases.


International Air Transport Association (IATA)

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) acts with a law numbered R753 regarding baggage tracking. In line with this decision, it is ensured that the right luggage goes to the right person. The R753 law has 4 main working principles. It results in the collection of the bag from the passenger by the member carriers, delivery of the bag to the aircraft, delivery and receipt of the bag between the members, and delivery of the bag to the passenger.

What are the Advantages of RFID System at Airports?


  • Increased services provided to the customer
  • Transit baggage tracking
  • Baggage tracking and passage through security zones
  • Sending reports and notifications to staff
  • Tracking of baggage outside and inside the BHS
  • Checking baggage claims at the airport on arrival
  • Tracking of luggage in the loading area
  • With the advantages such as 99.9% readability level of bag labels etc., personnel efficiency and passenger satisfaction increase the trust in companies.
  • RFID Technology has become both employee and passenger friendly today. It ensures the protection of social distance between staff and passengers. Thus, the spread of infectious diseases is prevented.


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August 26, 2022
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