How does NFC work?

How does NFC work?


Working Principle of NFC


NFC tags contain a microchip that stores data. The NFC tags transmit the stored data to the smartphone by scanning it over an NFC connection. NFC is a great technology for transferring small amounts of data over a very short distance. This technology, which enables wireless interaction between devices, performs operations using magnetic field induction. NFC, which has existed for more than 10 years but has not been widely used, has become a frequently used technology in the world, especially in transactions such as contactless payment during the pandemic period. Below we have explained in bullet points for which transactions NFC is used.


  • NFC allows smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices to share data while in close proximity.


  • NFC technology can provide services such as data transfer, authentication, connection, reading, writing, access, contactless payment. For this reason, it has become a solution tool both institutionally and individually in many service areas.


  • Electromagnetic fields are used to transmit data or induce electrical currents in a receiving device. The biggest difference of NFC technology from other contactless communication technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is that it can work without any power supply. Passive NFC devices work by drawing power from the fields generated by active devices.


  • NFC works on passive devices as well as on smartphones. How does NFC work on Android phones? There are 3 types of modes when we say; Reader and printer mode, peer-to-peer mode and tag reading mode.






Connection Between Devices


This function of NFC is the most useful in practice. Whether you connect your headphones to the music system or your smartphone to your digital camera, NFC makes it effortless and quick. NFC shows us what a Bluetooth connection should really be like. If the two devices (headphones and sound system) are NFC compatible, all you need to do is switch on both devices and tap each other lightly.
However, other wireless technologies such as WLAN or Bluetooth are needed for data transfer because NFC does not have a high data rate. NFC technology also pleases those who like to deal with these things. All you need is an Android phone with NFC support and so-called 'NFC tags'. These are passive NFC chips and are as big as coins. They are sold as adhesive-backed tags on their own or integrated into items such as key rings and can be easily programmed. The active NFC chip in the smartphone has enough energy to read the information encoded on the tag. The best part is that you don't need to have advanced programming skills to implement it.



Instant Ticket


Access cards and tickets are also one of the uses of NFC. With the Touch&Travel product, the German railways effectively demonstrate how NFC technology can be used. All the traveller has to do is download the relevant app on their NFC-enabled phone. The advantage here is that you do not have to physically buy a ticket anywhere.



What You Should Know About NFC


NFC ≠ NFC: The number of devices with integrated NFC chips is growing. According to analysts, the number of NFC-enabled smartphones to be sold worldwide this year alone is estimated to reach 545 million. On the other hand, not every service is compatible with every NFC chip. To be sure, it is necessary to look at the list of compatible devices.
NFC limitation: Even if it is not a technological barrier, NFC chips cannot always be used for every service. For example, Apple only allows the NFC chip on iPhone to be used with Apple Pay service. Usage areas on smartphones in general:



  • Receiving and sending telephone numbers,


  • Receive and send photos from the phone,


  • File transfers,


  • Send or receive location,


  • Being able to open any application on someone else's phone,


  • To be able to provide connections with NFC tags,


  • It can connect with Bluetooth devices.










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August 26, 2022
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