Alien Sample RFID Tags

Alien Sample RFID Tags (RFG106)

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Alien Sample RFID Tags

Passive tags are the most cost-effective tags. Passive tags do not have their own power supply. They work with the power of RFID readers. These cheapest tags are the most widely used tags. The vast majority of RFID systems are created with passive tags. It has a very wide range on a sectoral basis. 


Alien Sample RFID Tags - Mixed Package
Alien ALN-9654 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9728 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9627 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9630 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9613 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9640 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9629 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9610 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9762 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Alien ALN-9714 RFID Tag 5 Pcs
Dear customers, the RFID tags you have examined are not coded. Coding etc. technical operations belong to you. Please pay attention to this when ordering. You can contact for detailed information.

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