Alien ALR-9680 RFID Development Kit

Alien ALR-9680 RFID Development Kit

Price : $1,750.00  + VAT

Fixed readers are installed and remain in one place. It is mounted on locations such as wall, table, portal, panel. They are divided into single port, two port, four port, six port and eight port types. A wide reading area can be obtained by mounting UHF antennas on these ports.  Fixed readers combined with UHF antennas are called integrated readers. Since they are mostly single-port, they are integrated with a single antenna. Integrated readers, which provide great space savings, are more frequently used indoors where there is not much density. There are also models designed for parking lot systems.

Alien ALR 9680 RFID Fixed Reader - 4 Port




Alien ALR-9680 is an industrial design UHF RFID reader with 4 ports. Connecting 4 antennas allows you to create a wide reading area. With its affordable cost, it allows projects to be finalized quickly.
Alien ALR 9680 UHF RFID Reader is used in textile, retail, apparel, inventory tracking, warehouse, logistics, tracking challenging materials and objects.
Complete your projects quickly and reliably with Alien Technology®, the premium UHF RFID tags.
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Alien has achieved the highest levels of read and write performance with EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO/IEC 18000-6C) protocol. 
It operates in the 860-960 MHz range.
Alien 9680 can read from 12 meters with the appropriate tag and antenna.
With its 4-port design, it creates a wide reading area.
It is designed in 184.15 x 241.3 x 31.75 mm dimensions.
It operates between -20°C to +55°C.
It has a low power operating principle for both reading and encoding.

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