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Users are naturally curious about the differences between the ZD621 and the ZD620 that came out before the ZD620. So what are the differences between ZD621 and ZD620? Can the ZD621 perform the operations that the ZD620 does? Let's learn the answers to these and similar questions together.

The topics we will discuss in this article are as follows;

  • Battery Life
  • Print Quality
  • Software
  • Safety Levels
  • Storage Space
  • Power Levels

Let's take a look at which issue Zebra left the ZD620 model behind with the latest ZD621. Zebra has made certain advances with each new model it has released. Compared to the ZD620 model, a more technological and innovative architecture was used. One of the reasons why the ZD621 model is preferred is its security level. Compared to the ZD620 model, cyber security measures developed to protect data have been increased. It is the screen that makes it look more innovative and technological than the ZD620 model. The ZD621 has a full colour LCD touch screen with an easy-to-use menu.  Zebra always maximises print quality, even if we do not understand how it is in every product. The easiest example of this is the ZD621.  Although the ZD620 has an almost perfect print quality, we have seen that it can be taken to even more perfect levels with the ZD621. We are very curious about what kind of print quality will be in the next Zebra model.


zebra zd620 ve zebra zd621 rfid yazıcılar


The most striking feature of the Zebra ZD621 model is that unlike other models, it can perform multiple operations at the same time.

ZD621 is 30% more powerful than the ZD620 model in terms of power performance. It provides 300% more powerful performance than the GX series, another series of Zebran.

Since the ZD621 has a moving environment sensor, it can be used in almost every area unlike other models.

Zebra has developed a printer setup mobile application for Android and iOS via BLE in accordance with its new product ZD621 model.

The ZD621 has more memory than the ZD620. This is one of the important features that distinguish these two products from each other.

In this article, we made a Zebra ZD620 and ZD621 Printer comparison, contact us for more information.


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August 26, 2022
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