What is RTLS?

What is RTLS?

The question of what RTLS is can be answered briefly as follows; Thanks to the signal receiver / transmitter devices placed in open or closed areas, it is basically like positioning your own satellites in designated areas. With RFIDMarket, you can reach the products quickly and directly in active systems as well as passive systems.


How should I choose between UWB and Bluetooth?

Basically, you can use both technologies, but you can choose between these two technologies according to the precision you need in tracking. If it is enough for you to locate the objects you want to track with a margin of error of 4-5 metres, you can choose Bluetooth. This preference will provide you with a serious cost advantage. Considering both the number of anchors you will use and the cost of the tracking devices you will use on the objects you want to track, the cost advantage will provide you with an optimum solution. However, if your expectation of precision in terms of location is 30-40 cm and you need even more precise location detection, UWB will be the ideal choice. You will need to choose the right chip and the right and experienced partner for your UWB products. Otherwise, even if you bear the UWB costs, you will struggle with trying to understand exactly what the objects jumping like locusts on the map are doing.
The UWB RTLS system consists of an anchor (fixedly mounted), tag (carried on the object to be tracked), a server with which all these anchor devices communicate, and good software that interprets the data. Mobile tags use UWB radio technology to communicate with anchors placed around the tracking area. The distances between the tag and the anchors are calculated according to different methods. Depending on the measured distances, coordinates are calculated on servers and transferred to the software interfaces that the user monitors


Ultra Wide Band vs Bluetooth (UWB versus Bluetooth)

Well, when we make a comparison, we have compiled questions such as which is more costly, which is more sensitive, which has more sensor density and which is more compliant with the standards


Which is More Cost Effective?

Bluetooth is less costly than UWB products in terms of both anchor and tag costs.
In terms of sensitivity, Ultra Wide Band products can be positioned much more precisely than BT products.
Sensor support and prevalence? The variety of sensors used in Bluetooth products makes it advantageous in the current situation.


What Standards Do They Have?

The increasing widespread use of Bluetooth technology in recent years has led to the formation of standards. The investments made on Bluetooth and the fact that it has become a standard in mobile phones show that BT is by far ahead in terms of standards and this will increase even more in the future.


August 26, 2022
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