What is RFID Reader?

What is RFID Reader?

RFID Readers are equipment that transmit radio waves to communicate with RFID tags. These readers are mainly divided into two.


Fixed RFID Readers

Fixed readers are installed and remain in one place. It is mounted on locations such as wall, table, portal, panel. It is divided into types as single port, two ports, four ports, six ports and eight ports. A wide reading area can be obtained by mounting UHF antennas to these ports. Fixed readers combined with UHF antennas are called integrated readers. Since they are mostly single ported, they are integrated with a single antenna. Integrated readers, which provide great space savings, are more frequently used indoors where there is not much density. There are also models designed for car parking systems.







Mobile RFID Readers

They are devices that provide communication between the reader and the tag to identify the product using radio frequency waves. Mobile readers with advanced technological equipment among RFID readers are extremely easy and fast to use. It is widely used indoors and outdoors in many different sectors. It must have Bluetooth or direct connection feature to communicate with devices such as mobile phones. It is designed for use in areas where the fixed reader is not useful.


RFID Mobil okuyucular

RFID Reader Types



Apart from separating fixed and mobile, there are other ways such as connection, features, power, antenna ports, etc.


Frequency Range – 902 – 928 MHz ABD, 865 – 868 MHz AB, 


Mobility - Fixed Readers, Integrated Readers; Mobile Readers


Connection Options - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN, Serial, USB, Auxiliary Port


Available Utilities - HDMI, GPS, USB, Camera, GPS, GPIO, 1D/2D Barcode, Cellular Features


Processing Capabilities - OnBoard Processing, No OnBoard Processing


Power Options - Power Adapter, PoE, Battery, In-Car, USB

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August 26, 2022
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