What is NFC Card?

What is NFC card

These cards come in various forms, including contactless smart cards, key fobs and wristbands. They are used for various purposes such as access control, payment, transport and event ticketing.

The basic structure of an NFC card consists of a microprocessor, a memory chip and an NFC antenna. The microprocessor, also known as the central processing unit (CPU), controls the overall operations of the card. It thus performs the necessary calculations to execute commands. The memory chip stores card information, including data and applications that are necessary to fulfil the card's functions. The NFC antenna is responsible for transmitting and receiving data via NFC technology.

The NFC communication protocol is based on protocol standards that define the communication between the card and the reader NFC cards are manufactured from different types of chips. Examples of these are ntag213, ntag215 and ntag216. The main difference between these chips is the memory space they have.

NFC cards are now widely used as digital business cards. With this business card, you do not need to print a card after each changing personal information. Digital business cards, which are both user-friendly and budget-friendly, come in all colours. As RFIDMarket, we currently have Black, White and Gold colours. With its structure suitable for printing, cards are easily printed on the cards.  For more information about digital business cards...

Areas of Use:

One of the most common uses of NFC cards is for payment. Many credit cards now have an NFC chip that allows the cardholder to pay by simply tapping the card against a compatible payment terminal. This process, known as contactless payment, is faster and easier than inserting the card into a payment terminal.

Another common use of NFC cards is for access control. These cards can be programmed to grant access to a specific area, such as a building or secure room. The cardholder simply touches the card to a compatible reader that checks the card information and grants or denies access accordingly. The information on the card is encrypted to ensure that unauthorised devices cannot access it.

Thanks to NFC cards, personnel tracking is carried out within the company. You can access information such as the last location of the personnel, how much time they spend in the area they are in.

NFC cards are used for transport. For example, some cities have implemented NFC-enabled public transport systems, allowing drivers to tap their NFC cards on a reader to pay their fares. This eliminates the need to buy tickets or carry cash, making the process more convenient and efficient.

NFC cards are also used for event tickets. The card is programmed with information about the event, such as date, time and seat number. It can then be used as a ticket when the cardholder arrives at the event. This eliminates the need to carry a physical ticket that can be lost or damaged.

In addition to their practical uses, NFC cards can also be used for marketing and promotional purposes. For example, a company distributes NFC cards to customers with information about its products or services. When the customer taps the card on their smartphone, it redirects them to a website or application that provides more information.

As a result, NFC cards offer a wide range of advantages over traditional smart cards. They are faster and more convenient to use as there is no need to physically insert the card into a reader. They are also more secure, as the short range of NFC communication makes it difficult for unauthorised devices to access card information. With the widespread adoption of NFC technology and the increasing availability of NFC-enabled devices, NFC cards will become an increasingly popular choice for a variety of applications in the future.


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January 02, 2023
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