What is RFID in car hire? What does it do? The answers to these questions are in our article.


RFID is a developing technology in many areas today. One of these areas is car hire and creates a safer system. RFID readers and tags analyse all the mobility of the vehicle during the day with the vehicle tracking system and issue a report on the subject. This data accumulates in the pool of the RFID system and provides retrospective reporting..


RFID in car rental is an important technology for companies offering sales and rental. It can be easily used to manage car inventory. Since there are more than one vehicle and driver in these companies, control can be provided with RFID vehicle driver recognition in faulty situations such as traffic fines and customer delivery information that may come in advance. The benefits of Rfid technology in car rental are not limited to this. These are

  • Provides information on the total visibility of all vehicles.
  • Facilitates the delivery of the car on time and at the time of need.
  • Reduces the inventory of less desirable vehicles compared to other vehicles.
  • Provides a complete inventory history of the vehicle that may be in each location.
  • It provides the best inventory content and location for the cars in the company.
  • It gives automatic notification when a vehicle enters or leaves the car park.
  • It starts to alarm when a vehicle is lost in the inventory system.
  • The accuracy of the data in the system increases.
  • Personnel efficiency is ensured.
  • Provides automatic vehicle locking and unlocking feature.
Araç Kiralamada RFID Teknolojisi


Bununla birlikte RFID izleme sisteminin filo yönetimini kolaylaştırırken, araç konum bilgisi sağlaması hırsızlığa karşı bir önlem oluşturmaktadır. Aynı zamanda araç kiralamada rfid’nin sağladığı kolaylık ve hız ile verimlilik artmakta ve daha güvenli bir sistem sağlanmaktadır.



Imagine customers leaving the rental area without waiting for your staff to scan the vehicles and for you to wave them off at the exit. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in car hire operations makes this scenario a reality.

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December 09, 2022
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