RFID Personnel Tracking System



Active Personnel Tracking System

Active tags are called RFID tags that provide the energy needed to communicate through the battery used inside the tag. Active RFID tags have a much longer reading range than passive RFID tags. This tracking can be done very easily with an active wristband, active card or active tag given to the personnel. With RFID Active Readers placed correctly in the area, you can instantly track how long the personnel are on which floor and in which room of the building. By integrating temperature, pulse, sway sensors, the health of the personnel can be closely monitored. Active systems are much more costly than passive systems.




Passive Personnel Tracking System

This tracking can be done in a much cheaper way with passive uhf, hf, lf card, wristband or tag given to the personnel. With the readers placed on the doors, you can track how many times the staff enters which room and at what time. In addition, thanks to this system, you can authorise which personnel will enter which room. Instead of following it instantly, you can determine when it enters which section. In addition to active systems, passive systems are much more cost-effective.


Devices Used

Different types of devices are used. Personnel tracking systems devices, which have become almost mandatory for companies, are used in many sectors such as factories, public institutions, private businesses, open areas and stores.  There are different variations such as fingerprint personnel tracking systems, face recognition personnel tracking systems, card personnel tracking systems, multiple personnel tracking systems. You can contact us from the contact section to get details.




Advantages of Personnel Tracking System

It is very easy to monitor the late arrival and early departure of the personnel.  Both time saving and work efficiency will be increased. The detection of overtime personnel can be followed very easily. In this way, calculations can be made quickly for the payment of salaries.
Separate definitions can be made for personnel to enter certain areas. Responsibilities or job descriptions between personnel can be done very easily.

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March 18, 2022
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