RFID Keyfobs Types

RFID Keyfobs Types

In the field of access control and security, RFID technology has revolutionized the way we log in and authenticate. The range of RFID key fobs stand out as convenient, easy and portable tools for gaining access. Let's dive into the world of RFID key fobs by exploring their types, functions and applications.


What is RFID Technology?

It works on the principle of using radio waves for communication between a reader and a tag attached to the object. This allows objects to be identified and tracked wirelessly, making it valuable in industries ranging from transportation to retail and security.


Understanding RFID Keyfobs

RFID key fobs are compact devices equipped with an embedded RFID chip. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions designed to meet specific access control needs. Also common types include passive, active and semi-passive key fobs.


RFID Anahtarlık Çeşitleri


Passive RFID Keyfobs

Passive RFID key fobs do not have an internal power supply. So they rely on energy transmitted from the RFID reader to power the chip. They are cost-effective and widely used in applications such as building access control and asset tracking.


  1. UHF Featured Keyfobs: Operates in the range of 860-928 MHz.
  2. NFC / HF Keyfobs : Operates in the 13.56 MHz range.
  3. LF / Proximity Keyfobs : Operates in the range of 125 KHz.


Active RFID Keyfobs

Active RFID key fobs, by contrast, contain a battery-powered chip that continuously emits a signal. This allows them to have a longer read interval and more data storage capacity than passive fobs. They are often used in high-value asset tracking, personnel tracking and vehicle identification systems.  


Semi-Passive RFID Keyfobs


Semi-passive key fobs combine elements of both passive and active technologies. They have a battery to enable the chip to communicate, but rely on the reader for energy to transmit data. This hybrid approach offers a balance between read range and battery life, suitable for applications such as access control and inventory management in large facilities.



The range of RFID key fobs represents a versatile and effective solution for access control and identification purposes. Understanding the different types and their functions is crucial to deploying the solution best suited to specific needs, whether it's securing a building, managing inventory or tracking assets. As technology continues to evolve, RFID key fobs are poised to play an even more important role in shaping the future of security and convenience.

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April 03, 2024
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