RFID Accessories

RFID Accessories


RFID accessories are divided into 4 main sections. Antennas, cables, power supplies and development boards are produced for the needs. These accessories are completely compatible with the products and manufactured in high quality.





RFIDMarket supplies any accessories needed in projects in the RFID field and offers quality products at affordable prices.
RFID Antenna Cables connect RFID antennas to RFID readers and transmit the signal to the reader after recognising the RFID Tag. Signal quality may weaken in very long metre cables. As RFIDMarket, we recommend 15 metre cables.







RFID Connector allows RFID antenna cables to be connected to RFID readers.  Thanks to this connection, RFID antennas work with the energy from the reader. As a result of connecting the two ends of the cables to the RFID reader and RFID antenna with the connector, there will be no need for an extra cable.






RFID Development Kits


RFID development kits provide you with the products you need to build an RFID system. An RFID development kit not only allows you to start reading RFID tags, but also allows you to create your own code structure by showing you code samples.






RFID Antenna Mounting Apparatus


It is the set of materials required for installation during the installation of RFID antennas.

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August 26, 2022
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