NFC Keychains

NFC Keychains

It means that data can be stored and shared between two NFC-enabled devices within a certain radius. At the same time, these enabled devices are enhanced with chips that help them store and transfer data. Key fobs are one such device that can be enabled for near field communication. It is a small security hardware device with built-in authentication that is implemented to control network services and data access, but also to secure them.


We can say that NFC Keys can be used for personal and organisational reasons. This device is suitable for many types of contactless use, such as access control, customer loyalty, marketing products, staff attendance monitoring and cashless sales.
The most important feature of the device is that it can provide access and entry to restricted areas. When the activated device is present within the required radius, it can open the activated lock. Since the customer and employee are connected when using this contactless technology, they are much more likely to be interested and less likely to lose it. Thanks to the NFC system, there is no possibility of any duplication or fake ID, so it is preferred thanks to its safe, easy use and convenient transport.


NFC Keychain is a method that saves time and labour and allows you to find a solution to all your complex responsibilities with a single touch. If you want to have this privilege, you can look at RFGate NF66 NFC Keychain and RFGate NF65 NFC Keychain types.

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August 26, 2022
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