RFID Fixture Tracking System

fixture tracking

What is a fixture?

The word fixture; It means a list of items registered to a person or a place. Fixtures should not be lost or damaged in any way. Fixtures are the items that should not be damaged, which are transferred to the new officer in the workplaces where the officer changes. Examples of these items are office supplies, computers, telephones, furniture.



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What is RFID Fixture Tracking System?

With RFID, inventory tracking can be done very quickly and conveniently. A basic solution can be obtained with RFID reader and rfid tag. Generally, inventory tracking can be done comfortably with the uhf system. In addition to these, coding can be done on the labels to be attached to the fixtures with RFID printer and information can be written on the label. With the RFID mobile reader, it can be ensured that the missing fixtures during the counting can be quickly detected in the office or factory. With the hand terminal, the fixture you want can be detected within seconds. Thanks to this system, tracking, embezzling, transferring, transferring and removing the fixtures from the system can be done very easily. A systematic inventory management can be done by saving both time and personnel.



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Advantages of Fixture Tracking System with RFID

It is ensured that the embezzlement process is done automatically and the document is created. The system of new incoming inventories can be registered quickly and conveniently. It is possible to easily access which personnel have the embezzled inventories. The history of fixtures is created quickly.


Labels: With RFID, inventory tracking can be done very quickly and comfortably. Regardless of the number and types of fixtures, it is the system that you can follow up in the fastest and most reliable way.
March 21, 2022
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