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Radyo Frekanslı Tanıma (Radio Frequency Identification-RFID) teknolojisi, canlı ve cansız her türlü nesnenin dokunmadan belirli bir mesafeden tanınmasında ve izlenmesinde kullanılır. RFID teknolojileri giderek artan büyük bir oranda dünya genelinde ve ülkemizde yaygınlaşmakta ve birçok sektörde kullanılmaktadır. Otomotiv, akaryakıt, lojistik, perakendecilik, tarım, sağlık, ilaç, tekstil, finans, bankacılık, enerji, kamu, üretim, güvenlik, turizm gibi birçok sektörde geniş uygulama alanlarında aktif ve yaygın olarak kullanılmaktadır.

RFID teknolojiler operasyonel maliyetleri oldukça azaltmakta, iş akışlarını hızlandırmakta, verimliliği ve karlılığı artırmaktadır.

RFID teknolojisi 4 temel bileşenden oluşur:

- RFID Etiket (çip ve anten’den oluşur)
- RFID Yazıcı
- RFID Okuyucu
- Programlama Aracı

RFIDmarket - Buy RFID Technology

Our online store is the perfect place to browse for complete RFID Systems or individual parts, such as tags, readers, development kits, printers, antennas, portals and more. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing RFID system or purchase your first complete system, you are in the right place.

When you buy RFID products, you will not get a one size fits all system. We will show you how to choose which products will fit your exact needs. Automobiles? Pharmaceuticals? Livestock? No matter what type of inventory or assets you need to wrangle, we have the knowledge to do it. We also have individual products in virtually every category of RFID hardware, allowing you to effectively fill any gaps that might exist in your current system. The RFIDmarket product line includes tags, readers, development kits, printers, antennas, portals, and more.

Be sure to check out our sample packs - they provide you with a varied selection of RFID tags so that you can test them thoroughly before making a bulk purchase.

Buy your RFID products that you need for your projects from RFIDmarket, and discover for yourself why we're among the most trusted and experienced RFID providers on the market. If you have any questions about getting started, please contact us.

What is Radio Frequency Identification?

RFID is an acronym that stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID systems use tags and readers to keep track of various assets, inventory, or personnel. Tags are applied to products which can then be read with a standard device (i.e. reader) without having to be seen (this is one of several advantages of RFID over barcodes). The tags report back wirelessly and often without batteries. The power harnessed by the tag comes from electromagnetic waves generated by the RFID System.

RFID systems may be preferable to other methods (such as barcodes) because they allow for more efficiencies. With RFID you can read tags from yards away (or even farther) and you can creatively embed the tags so that they are not noticeable on the product.


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