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TKP705 HF USB RFID Okuyucu

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  • TKP705 HF USB RFID Okuyucu

    - To Read and write equipment with electronic label from TI,PHILIPS,INFINEON, and FUJISU which matches the high frequency industry of the ISO/IEC 15693 standards.
    - Advanced calculative way with electronic label processing collision and high right reading rate.
    - To inlay the receiving and dispatching antenna inside, with reading range about 10cm.
    - To be designed with low consumption, with USB connector for power supply, and with no needing power supply outside.
    - To support the USB1.1 norm. with virtual serial port mode.
    - To provide the dynamic link library (DLL)
    - To support secondary development

    Technical Features:

    Power Supply DC 5V Current is Less Than 100 Ma
    Frequency 13.56MHz
    Protocol ISO15693
    Data Interface USB
    Reading Distance 10CM (Standard ISO Size Card)
    Operating Temperature 0 – 50 C

    DÖKÜMAN - TKP705 HF USB RFID Okuyucu

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